Connecting Web2 and Web3

Are you rich in digital assets and seeking a seamless way to use them on real-world expenses?

Simply convert your digital assets to DCS Tokens, redeem for immediate spend limit on a UnionPay or Mastercard Card, and you’re set to spend anywhere in the world.

DCS Tokens are payment tokens issued by DCS Card Centre, a financial institution governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Banking Act and licensed to issue credit and charge cards.

Designed to provide value stability where 1 DCS Token is equivalent to 1 payment value in USD, DCS Tokens act as a trusted connection between Web3 and card payments globally in Web2.

DCS Tokens are currently issued on multiple blockchains:

  • DUSD on Ethereum Mainnet
DCS Tokens can be redeemed for an equivalent spend limit on any DCS Card via the DCS Cards App instantly.

Why DCS Tokens?

Value Stability

1 DCS Token is equivalent to 1 payment value in USD. Respond quickly to market volatility by instantly redeeming DCS Tokens into card spend limit in the equivalent payment value.

Instant Redemption

The redemption of DCS Tokens into card spend limit is an instant process on the DCS Cards App, available 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

Corporates and Merchants onboarded by DCS have the option to transfer the card spend limit back to their designated corporate bank account provided upon onboarding.

Safe & Credible

DCS Tokens are issued by DCS Card Centre, which is governed under the Banking Act by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

Strong Risk & Compliance Foundation

DCS Tokens are issued from the core credit issuing and merchant acquiring business of DCS Card Centre, subject to the same prevailing risk and compliance policies.

How to get DCS Tokens?

Enrol as a DCS Merchant
(POS and/or online)

Opt to receive DCS Tokens as a settlement option.

Apply for a DCS Corporate Card

Convert your assigned credit limit into DCS Tokens for Web3 payments. Corporates can increase their total card spend limit via (i) bank transfers and/or (ii) digital assets (via DCS Tokens or other digital assets).

Convert via Partner Exchanges

Conversion between selected digital assets is available via our Partner Exchanges

How can DCS Tokens be used?

Stable value of exchange

Corporates that currently make disbursements in digital currencies can now consider using DCS Tokens that provide guaranteed value stability where each token is equivalent to a payment value of 1 USD. The access to offramp DCS Tokens for immediate spend limit on a UnionPay or Mastercard Card for global use will be very useful for end users.

Web3 business

Corporates can apply for a corporate credit card with DCS and securitize their credit limit with specified assets (eg bank guarantees, securities, etc). With the credit limit, they can disburse DCS Tokens that can be used to facilitate various business operational models within Web3.

Crypto Wallets/Custodians

Offering trading pairs between selected digital assets and DCS Tokens will allow your wallet users to instantly offramp these (selected) digital assets into card spend limit via the DCS Cards App, anytime, anywhere.

Wallet Set-up for DCS Tokens

Setup token contract under Ethereum Mainnet

Token Contract Address

Participating wallets: Metamask, imToken, Token Pocket, Mathwallet, Bitpie, BitKeep, Coinhub, Particle, Coin98, Cobo, Onto, Nabox

STEP 1: Add PlatOn network to wallet

PlatON network

Network URL
Chain ID
Explorer URL

If you're a Metamask user, simply click tab below to add network:

STEP 2: Setup token contract

USD Token Contract Address

If you're a Metamask user, simply click tab below to set-up:

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